Why Finding Your Passion is a Myth

Here is another article recently published on LifeHacks.



Anonymous said...

Awesome work .. One has to accept that to paint that picture on canvas is not that easy.. ur brushstrokes dont always paint the same picture .. your thought process changes in due course of time at every stage .. what seems good and important may not be even something you look back at in a later stage in life .. but ur rite .. its the way one sees it and works towards creating a picture in phases.. great point of how one has limitations of achiveing something that he/she wants to be ..and indeed the sense of accomplishment sinks well only when the path is tough... its this fight in life and discoveries that keeps the fire in you burning .. and likewise may lead to frame a better picture of your passion ..

A new and clearer perspective on a generally discussed topic !

Great article .. ! Kudos ! Keep it up !

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