The Mystery of Friendship

How do random strangers become so important in our lives? We had no reason to meet them. No intentions to gain anything from them. Just like us they were walking on the streets. We crossed. Smiled. And that’s all it took!

Years passed by and memories were created. Life moved on but you stuck together. People came and left but you never questioned why you stayed. It is just luck or is it destiny? Why one and not the other? Do we connect at levels we are not aware of?

Photo by Aernst
What magic is it that makes our worries disappear around them? Endless nights staring at the stars, words seemed unnecessary. Desires were shared and fears conquered. A hug when you needed it, a shoulder to cry on. The peaceful aura, the cheerful hearts, the crazy memories and tears from laughter. Even time stood still, looked us in the eye, mesmerized and envious, smiled and stopped by.

It’s an indescribable feeling. Something I can’t explain. Though it makes me wonder, what is it that makes it so special?


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